Tuesday, May 1, 2007

In a hurry...

In a hurry...
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My mood this morning was just like the pack of ducklings together with mother duck.

It was raining in the wee mornings around 4.30am, continued till around 8am which was time for me to decide whether to ride my bike to work or take the public transportation. Decided against the odds to take my bike since the rain has grown smaller.

Luckily, i wasn't drenched from head to toe, but my socks were. After parking my bike, i had this tummy ache, which i need to relieve off. Couldn't find a toilet nearby, had to go to a coffee-shop which was another block away, the toilet was wet, i had to put my bag on the floor as there weren't any hook on the door of the toilet.

Finished my business and quickly rushed to my office as it was time for me to report for work.

It was a hectic morning for me...

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