Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bad Economy these days

Oh my, another news on the bad economy and downturn of the economy as broadcasted over the news on tv these days. These negative reports are really dampening spirits and for sure, many employees like you and me may have to face these days - Retrenchment exercises.

I really hate the word retrenchment. Take myself for example, i have gone thru that cycle for two times already and know what it is like getting retrenched and then trying to find a job again after the previous disappointment. Especially when one is all time building their one and single career over the years, your resume could have been left at a corner not updating at all! And suddenly, landing on your lap, is this horrible circumstances where one is helpless and needing some guidance.

I don't know about you, but when i was retrenched, my resume wasn't at all updated and i was at a loss of not knowing how to update it. Till today, i finally found this site called EmploymentBoost , a expert in resume building where they use only the finest personnel to help you build a professional resume to your future employer.

I really hope that i don't have to use their services but if you my readers need someone to help you, then approach their professional help today!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Job Resume : How should one go about doing it!

I recall many many years ago when i was starting out and joining the workforce in Singapore and haven't the faintest clue of how to go about doing up a resume and needless to say a professional one where my potential employers will nod their head in approval when they sees them!

What i heard when i was starting out was this myth that if one doesn't have a proper
resume on hand, it will really be a laughing stock to the person whom is going to read about you! And whats more, if one doesn't even have the capabilities to write good English, and the resume is full of writing faults, i guess that will also kill the resume and definitely will end up in the dustbin of the office.

Many things can come to mind when writing a proper and professional resume be it mailing it out or faxing them today! But there is a certain format where one can include bits and pieces of you, be it whether you have the aptitude that your future employer is looking for or the experience in the similar field that they are requesting for is stated here. A resume basically tells your future employer abit of yourself before you are selected to come for the respective interview.

It will be a failure if one cannot express him or herself in the resume coz it really determines whether your future employer will call you up for an interview but if you really have such problems then have no worries coz this site called "resumewhale.com" can help one out, being affordable and user friendly, one can do it in minutes and get oneself a professional resume within minutes. So get enrolled with them today and start getting a job that you are aiming for now!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Change....(Part 2)

Another big change is coming after this festive season of merry making in my company. Both of my Assistant Manager whom was just promoted and my Executive has tendered their resignation. For the Assistant Manager, her reason was that she has to look after her two baby sons, she has lost confidence in maids and her mom is leaving for China together with her husband whom was sent there to work. Her mother-in-law is also not capable of looking after two babies and hence she decided to look after them for 2 years and then decided later in life. As for my Executive, she has lost interest in her job here and decided to look for some other challenges, my boss respects her decision and is letting both of them go.

I have developed a close relationship with both ladies but filled with both jealousy and anger inside of me. From then on, when both ladies have left, their portfolio will be taken over by me. More and more workloads will be piled upon me, my boss has already been starting to interview some new candidates but all of them fresh from school. Its not easy to fill in vacancies especially its quite specialise and you must have an interest in doing product development. As for me, i have long ago developed that sense of fulfillment doing this job. Its something that i love and working on it really is something that i would want to continue doing and improving myself.

All said, i hope everything will turn out well for our department.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Change....(Part 1)

My travel company that i worked will be taking a 180 degrees change this coming February 2008. It has just been announced that we will be changing our operating hours as some of the staff has feedbacked that a change in the operating hours will bring some good changes to the company. The counter staff will have 2 days off instead of the 1 day off that they are entitled to but this will mean that they will have to put in longer hours in the office.

Secondly, along with this change, our operating hours will change from 9.45am to 8.30pm. Seems to me, its pretty long hours for the counter staff to be sitting in the office and attending to enquiries, calls, etc... My colleague commented that after going home after a very long day, one might not have the energy to meet up with their friends or go out at all.

As for the back-end office where i worked, we are also affected and WEF from 1FEB08, we will also go for the alternate saturday off. But there is a catch though! We will still report for work at 9am but will leave office at 6.30pm instead of 6pm. And while those saturdays that we are scheduled to work, we will start our work at 10am and finish off at 1pm, with 3hours, i really do not know what can be done! Why couldn't our boss let us start work at 9am and finish at 12pm instead of 1pm? Oh well, at least, there is a alternate saturday off to look forward to. Oh i remember now, there is another catch by the way. If we have fairs going on, then we are not allowed to be scheduled for our saturday off and will be replaced by another day instead.

Well, i hope everything will go smoothly for me this year....

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Change....

I felt sad this couple of days as i've discovered that my senior product executive has been promoted to a assistant product manager. We came in at the same time but she was promoted to a managerial position whereby i'm still stuck at this present position. I was experiencing sharp pains in my heart and felt rather displeased with myself and questioning whether did i done anything wrong and that why i wasn't deserved to be promoted as well.

Then, i received another bad news, my boss is intending to ask me to be placed under the counter session in a way to supervise the counter staff and keep an eye on them as well. My big boss has always been thinking of putting all his product team at the front counter so that if there were any enquiries from big groups, its easier for the counter colleagues to close the sale. With this arrangement done, i may have to perform shift duties and might have to work on weekends and even public holidays as well, as these are the times where the public will come and enquire on tours and etc...

When i put the two together, i felt that my boss is trying to push me out as there is the saying of "one mountain cannot hide two tigers" meaning to say that she cannot have two managerial position supporting her in this area. And hence, the decision to get me out to the counter. I was at a loss and i kinda of like my job and how its going right now, but with this change, i really felt extra lost...

Oh well, lets see what the year 2008 will bring for me...

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

My overseas assignment confirmed!

It has been confirmed that i will be leading a group of around 80plus of folks up to Koh Samui Island. I'm really excited and bewildered about this opportunity. We will be allocating 2 Tour Leaders which includes myself and another of my co-worker to come along to lead this trip. I will be gone from the 6th to the 9th December 2007. Along with this group of passengers, there will be this female artiste following us, her name is Jing Yin Ji. She has been with Mediacorp for some time and now her main acting focuses on mums, grandparents along that line.

Not many of us anticipated this to be a success as nobody actually wants to follow this programme. I guess this artiste pull of her own supporters is not that strong, meaning her supporters are mainly from the older folks and going to a beach holiday does not excite them at all, from the holiday trend of my country. And hence, it wasn't a huge success this time round compared to the other trip i had last year. My boss has actually wanted to have a younger artiste to lead this tour, someone hip, full of vigour or sunshine and hopefully lots of young supporters but the final decision lies with my big boss and he decided to have this Jing Ying Ji to lead this group. Well, maybe, this is a lesson to be gleaned for my big boss and not any artiste will attract the crowd to come and support but someone of a certain popularity will be able to do so. Well, i will end here and write somemore later...

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Overseas Assignment again

Boy, i received some good news for myself. My boss told me that i were to choose one of the charter flights which is flying off this early December to Thailand to lead a group up. I was quite excited that i could again do this assignment again.

There are two dates which i am given and to choose one date to go. The departure date of 6th December has about seventy-nine passenger and the date of 9th December has zero passengers. I think that i may choose the date of 6th December as i could also earn some tipping from my fellow passengers and at the same time, i could also earn some allowances for this trip although it isn't much for me.

Next, i will have to get ready to pack up for this trip, but before that, there are alot of preparation work to be done. I will have to conduct a briefing for all those seventy-nine passengers, clear off those balance payments and many other administrative duties to be fulfilled. Next, i will have to purchase a digital camera to bring along, my old canon digital camera broke down when i dropped it while coming back from another overseas assignment last year. I still have not got around to buy one yet. Still thinking which brand, model to buy though. Oh, i am brimming with happiness that i could go for a trip again....

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