Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Change....(Part 2)

Another big change is coming after this festive season of merry making in my company. Both of my Assistant Manager whom was just promoted and my Executive has tendered their resignation. For the Assistant Manager, her reason was that she has to look after her two baby sons, she has lost confidence in maids and her mom is leaving for China together with her husband whom was sent there to work. Her mother-in-law is also not capable of looking after two babies and hence she decided to look after them for 2 years and then decided later in life. As for my Executive, she has lost interest in her job here and decided to look for some other challenges, my boss respects her decision and is letting both of them go.

I have developed a close relationship with both ladies but filled with both jealousy and anger inside of me. From then on, when both ladies have left, their portfolio will be taken over by me. More and more workloads will be piled upon me, my boss has already been starting to interview some new candidates but all of them fresh from school. Its not easy to fill in vacancies especially its quite specialise and you must have an interest in doing product development. As for me, i have long ago developed that sense of fulfillment doing this job. Its something that i love and working on it really is something that i would want to continue doing and improving myself.

All said, i hope everything will turn out well for our department.

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