Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Change....(Part 1)

My travel company that i worked will be taking a 180 degrees change this coming February 2008. It has just been announced that we will be changing our operating hours as some of the staff has feedbacked that a change in the operating hours will bring some good changes to the company. The counter staff will have 2 days off instead of the 1 day off that they are entitled to but this will mean that they will have to put in longer hours in the office.

Secondly, along with this change, our operating hours will change from 9.45am to 8.30pm. Seems to me, its pretty long hours for the counter staff to be sitting in the office and attending to enquiries, calls, etc... My colleague commented that after going home after a very long day, one might not have the energy to meet up with their friends or go out at all.

As for the back-end office where i worked, we are also affected and WEF from 1FEB08, we will also go for the alternate saturday off. But there is a catch though! We will still report for work at 9am but will leave office at 6.30pm instead of 6pm. And while those saturdays that we are scheduled to work, we will start our work at 10am and finish off at 1pm, with 3hours, i really do not know what can be done! Why couldn't our boss let us start work at 9am and finish at 12pm instead of 1pm? Oh well, at least, there is a alternate saturday off to look forward to. Oh i remember now, there is another catch by the way. If we have fairs going on, then we are not allowed to be scheduled for our saturday off and will be replaced by another day instead.

Well, i hope everything will go smoothly for me this year....

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