Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Month & Dates are important to a Travel Agent

MONTHS & DATES are important & crucial to us (Travel Agency). They are like having Curry together french loaves. Below are what we look for in months & dates:

1) Help us to identify which are the best period to travel.
2) 4 Seasons (Winter, Autumn, Spring, Summer) for travelling.
3) Peak Travelling, hotspot for travelling during that particular month.
4) Negotiate a better rate even when we know its high or low season.
5) Open up more dates when its School Holiday/Public Holiday around the corner, i.e. X'mas, New Year etc....
6) A special event/promotion taking place, i.e. Hongkong Summer sale begins roughly from July onwards...

But i like every month-end, coz its pay day.......yipppppeeeeeee..............

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