Tuesday, February 20, 2007

When the Cat is not around, the mouse runs around

As the saying goes, when the cat is not around, the mouse runs around. My boss is not around for the day and i'm by myself. However there were some hiccups for my company Group's trip in Taiwan and my big boss has been trying to call my boss but to no avail. Me to the rescue, i quickly called up the operator in Taiwan and enquired on the situation there. Request that the operator take care of those group and offer to add extra dishes during dinner, present some gifts to make our passengers happy and not bring back the problems. The traffic in Taiwan is very bad with lots of their own people travelling out of Taipei as well. Our groups are delayed from time to time and meals are being delayed. Our operator is also there personally to monitor the situation as well. What a day when my boss is not around.......

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