Monday, March 26, 2007

Different Faces that I've met during the Travel Fair

As the travel fair has just ended, livid memories of different personalities and types of people whom has come to book or enquired with us during the fair crossed my mind from time to time, probably signaling me to put this in writing in my blogs.

1) Kiasu (afraid to lose out) people whom i've met during the fair when enquiring or booking their tour with us, will come up with questions like, whether the hotels will confirm, when will they collect their tickets and vouchers, why is the deposit payment so steep for your company, what kind of gifts will your company give and etc...

2) Funny people whom i've met during the fair has to be this couple whom has done one booking with me flying to Hongkong. The husband acts just like Mr Bean, his actions and humour, when i think about it, just makes me laugh.

3) Serious (don't play play)people whom i've met during the fair whom has also done a booking with me flying to Hongkong. The husband and wife seems to be on loggerheads, even when discussing the itineraries, the booking process itself, the timing of their flights etc...

And to summaries, i got to see different aspect of the people whom has booked with me, sets me on a thinking mood on how easy it is to notice how well your family has functioned within a couple or family relationship when it comes down to even deciding which holiday destination to chose from.

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