Monday, March 12, 2007

My Co-worker pregnant..........

My co-worker is pregnant for the few months now. Her tummy is growing, and the good news is that she is giving birth to twins. She told me that her parents and her in-laws are especially happy for her. She is now the queen of the jungle where every knee shall bow before her and will do anything to make her happy.

She tends to have mood swings too and have been scolded by her a few times now. But i will still continue to be her friend no matter what. She's also my lunch buddy and if she does goes for her maternity, i'll be all alone.

My boss told me that i will have to prepare to take over her job or cover her while she is away later in when the baby is due. But my boss cautions me that she may leave early since its twins that shes carrying and difficult for her movements later. Poor me, have to cover my co-worker later on, i think probably from june or july onwards till the end of the year.

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