Thursday, September 6, 2007

Migratory Busyness!!!!

Why did i use this word Migratory? I saw this post from my blogging friend - describing her busy morning before and after getting on the usual customs check-in.

As for myself, i seem to be in the Migratory mood today too. I arranged a lunch appointment today with my ex-boss, just having a simple lunch and i hope he will blanja* me though. Time for me to catch on him on what is the latest happenings at the club itself. I used to work in a country club setting and now a full swing to a travel agent business. I like this place where i started a my work as a finance officer many donkey years ago. I like the idea of visiting long forgotten places and it feels nice and special visiting old colleagues and renewing that relationship again.

In the evening, i made yet another appointment visiting another christian friend of mine who seems to be not attending church lately. Have not seen him for some time and i hope by visiting him this round, it will remind him that someone out there is thinking about him and praying for him. When one stops coming to the church, it makes it all the more difficult coming back again to church to worship. Satan has his ways to make all of us stop attending church services. So by this, i hope to encourage him to come back and attend services again. But i think its a good start, moving out of my comfort zone to help those in need and renewing those old forgotten relationships!

blanja* is the malay word for giving me a lunch treat...

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