Monday, September 17, 2007

Natas Sept 2007

At last, my Natas Fair has just finished and now i could just rest abit before my big boss will start looking into staging another post Natas Fair in town again. I see alot of people booking for their year-end trips with the different travel agents gathered at this big playground.

Throughout the three days affair, there were always plenty of people around either checking their tours, booking their tours or just poking their heads and checking for fantastic deals from all the travel agents. There was this general sentiments that alot of travelers will be traveling this year end. It seems like the general public has extra cash around to spend for their overseas trip and this is the time to grab that special deal that they have been waiting for.

Be it short haul or long haul trips, it seems like people are trying ways and means to get out of this country. I heard that Korea is a hot destination this year and is doing quite well though. I was pretty tired at the end of every fair, talking non-stop, booking online flights for my passengers. I got alot of enquiries too over the last three days and i hope they will come back to look for us again!

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