Saturday, November 17, 2007

My other training...

I recently finished my in-camp training. That was the same kind of in-camp training that i went through and its the 3rd time that i have done such a exercise before in my time. I have found that life is refreshing once you have completed such a exercise and well i guess time is really well spent learning from one another (other camp mates). I have made some new friends along the in-camp training and have learnt some new things as well.

Alot of my in-camp mates think that this exercise is really a waste of time and resources of us and would really rather go back outside to work our ass off. You see some of us are self-employed and hence this unique group of guys think that this exercise is really wasting their time where they can use this time and earn more money out in the corporate world. They have tried to defer this in-camp training but was rejected. Reason being that the notice was sent out 6 months ago before this scheduled training and hence there isn't a excuse that there isn't anyone to cover the duties of those coming for this in-camp training. I've have tried to defer myself and this was exactly what i got in my face. These days, the government in my country really takes in-camp training very seriously and would take actions if that certain individual does not turn up for this training. In my country where i lived, its against the law to not turn up for this in-camp training whenever you are being called up.

During this time, i have learnt some things from my this friend whom is also in the same vocation as me. We served this in-camp training together, he is a nice guy and in his thirties. He is still single and living with his mum and dad, drives a car and is a manager (IT division) of a IBM company here. He is a fanatic of PSP where i think anyone whom owns a PSP will agree that its a great game to bring along to enjoy during those free times that we have during this in-camp training. I even got some sites where i can download new games and also some fun animes which i like to watch and am trying to download it into my PSP game machine.

All in all, this in-camp training has helped me gain some new friends and if i am not wrong, this could be my last in-camp training. Well, fingers crossed.....till then in-camp training....

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