Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Overseas Assignment again

Boy, i received some good news for myself. My boss told me that i were to choose one of the charter flights which is flying off this early December to Thailand to lead a group up. I was quite excited that i could again do this assignment again.

There are two dates which i am given and to choose one date to go. The departure date of 6th December has about seventy-nine passenger and the date of 9th December has zero passengers. I think that i may choose the date of 6th December as i could also earn some tipping from my fellow passengers and at the same time, i could also earn some allowances for this trip although it isn't much for me.

Next, i will have to get ready to pack up for this trip, but before that, there are alot of preparation work to be done. I will have to conduct a briefing for all those seventy-nine passengers, clear off those balance payments and many other administrative duties to be fulfilled. Next, i will have to purchase a digital camera to bring along, my old canon digital camera broke down when i dropped it while coming back from another overseas assignment last year. I still have not got around to buy one yet. Still thinking which brand, model to buy though. Oh, i am brimming with happiness that i could go for a trip again....

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