Sunday, November 25, 2007

My overseas assignment confirmed!

It has been confirmed that i will be leading a group of around 80plus of folks up to Koh Samui Island. I'm really excited and bewildered about this opportunity. We will be allocating 2 Tour Leaders which includes myself and another of my co-worker to come along to lead this trip. I will be gone from the 6th to the 9th December 2007. Along with this group of passengers, there will be this female artiste following us, her name is Jing Yin Ji. She has been with Mediacorp for some time and now her main acting focuses on mums, grandparents along that line.

Not many of us anticipated this to be a success as nobody actually wants to follow this programme. I guess this artiste pull of her own supporters is not that strong, meaning her supporters are mainly from the older folks and going to a beach holiday does not excite them at all, from the holiday trend of my country. And hence, it wasn't a huge success this time round compared to the other trip i had last year. My boss has actually wanted to have a younger artiste to lead this tour, someone hip, full of vigour or sunshine and hopefully lots of young supporters but the final decision lies with my big boss and he decided to have this Jing Ying Ji to lead this group. Well, maybe, this is a lesson to be gleaned for my big boss and not any artiste will attract the crowd to come and support but someone of a certain popularity will be able to do so. Well, i will end here and write somemore later...

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