Thursday, August 30, 2007

Halloween Party...

is a fun thing to play along and not only for younger kids, adults too can join in the fun too. Before coming into this profession of a travel agent, i used to work for a country club and the lounge that is situated inside the club always has fun themes going on for their members. One theme which is the most fun for me has to be Halloween party. Lots of drinks, food, dancing with the gals are the sort of thing that the members engaged themselves while in the lounge here. The lounge also dresses up itself to look scary and haunted and the waiter and waitress will also dress to the theme. I have a friend who is working inside the lounge and was thinking about what to wear this year for Halloween. I recommended him to get some Halloween Ninja costume and not just any costume but from the famous online store called Karate They offer authentic ninja uniform made of cloth and complements it with split toe ninja boots and socks and a black wooden ninja sword to make this set. Sizes run from a small child up to 6’5” 250 lbs.

Watch out coz our new ninja will have his grand appearance in the Halloween party!

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