Monday, August 27, 2007


My government is releasing this news of our citizens retiring at the age of 65 years old. When we reach this age, then we are allowed to draw out monthly sums of money which was deducted when we are working, a certain percentage goes into this fund and everyone is liable to contribute this amount of money and the employers too play a similar role and contributes a slightly lesser amount to this employee's total contribution to this combined fund.

When i began to realise this and finally the news sinking into me. It got me thinking of my retirement, although i'm only 35 years old and i still have the second half to complete before i draw out the money from this combined fund of mine kept by the government. From the look of it, i think that i may resort to migrating to another place to enjoy my retirement somewhere with my aged parents of course.

The place that i thought of migrating will have to be my nation's close neighbour - Malaysia. This place has a slow pace and i hope that by the time i reach that age, i could move over to the far ends of Malaysia. Have a lovely and white sand beach, grow a plot of vegetables, being self-sufficient, i will set up a homestay and with my expertise, it shouldn't be very hard to do that. I will set up a online site where visitors or consumers can come and view and book their homestay accommodations with me. Bringing my aged parents along with me will help me to ease the load of me and at the same time, my mum can help out with the cooking of dishes and food for our holiday makers staying at our place.

That was what i'm thinking in my head now and for a few days, this thought began growing inside me, i hope i can achieve that someday. My blogging friend peregrineonline is a avid traveler and she has been to Malaysia for umpteen times and from reading all her blogs, it makes me realise that Malaysia is most and very likely to be my retirement nest for me and my family.

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