Thursday, August 30, 2007

Relocation, anyone?

The place where i used to work for as an accounts executive, i was in-charged of the accounts payable and have to issue cheques payable to different suppliers and such. As the company which i was working for was a multi-national company and its head office is in Atlanta, USA. As such, there were alot of expatriates coming to my country to work for its offices here. They will engage movers to help them to relocate their stuff to a temporary location to house those big items and ship over those smaller items over here for usage. At times, they will also list their property under agents to help them put under homes for rent to earn them some money too. If their relocation is a permanent kind of posting, then they will start to think of putting up their Homes for sale as well.

National Relocation is a relocation portal that has a real estate channel with area information, home values and forms to fill out to connect agents with buyers and sellers. Look for them today!

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