Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Major Fair on 12 AUG 2007

It was a grand event as we started out on the opening of our main fair on the 12AUGUST2007. It was a pretty hectic day as all the travel consultants including myself, my other co-worker and our direct reporting boss was at the travel fair trying to recruit as many travelers to book our tour and free and easy packages. We had a huge success and we thank our partners, all our sales staff whom were there that day helping to recruit travelers.

During this big event, our partner in Travel Insurance was there to support us and gave huge discounts to travelers who were there booking their travels. It was a whooping 30% off the brochures for comprehensive travels around the region.

I was surfing the net and saw this site called Endsleigh.com. They basically provide all kind of insurance quotation and basically what attracts me most is that they have a pretty well comprehensive kind of selection of Travel Insurance for all kind of season travelers. Be it that you are organising a School Group Trip for your customers, Skiing Insurance and Backpacker Insurance, all these are behind their finger-tips.

As the caption says "travel insurance for career people", they meant business. Hop on down and get a quotation from them today!

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