Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bingo Game

During my working stinct with this social club house which i worked around 2 years, it was full of fun and excitment and self-satisfaction. I used to work for them as a social and events executive, where i will plan out social and sports event for the members over at this social club for a minimal fee. Especially when members come and sign up for those social or sports event, i will have this sense of self-satisfaction inside of me and i sincerely felt that i have accomplished something while i was there.

Of the many social and sports events that i hold in the club, i like the Year-end party which i will organise for the members again with a minimal fee with free flow of drinks and food, live entertainment and count down for the year as well. Every member is filled with joy and laughter and you could see that glimpse of happiness inside them that shows they have enjoyed this event. Another social event which i organises for the general memebers are Bingo Nites. The club members will just go crazy if i don't organise one for them and hence it began starting to have at least 2 games per month. Not only members can enjoy the game of Bingo and win back cash prizes but refreshments will be served as well, like finger food, coffee and tea.

While surfing this site at www.pro360.com, this site has a wonderful review of some of the best gambling games on earth. Gambling games likecasino online, poker, routlette and even bingo as well. I will look up this site and see if i could learn a trick or two and share with my social and events executive whom has taken over my position there some tips on better organising gambling activities in this social club.

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