Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Different occupation

This time round for three weeks,i will be doing my reservist training. This reservist training is all about preparing the men whom have gone back to the society to work and are recalled back to do some training and exercise to prepare them just in case the country needs them for war time situation here. I have a number of friends whom comes from all walks of life, some come from the other government sectors, most come from the private sectors and a small percentage being self-employed. Normally its the self-employed whom mades a big fuss while attending this reservist coz time is money and precious earning money time is wasted on coming back for re-training in camp, although the military do reimburse back the money that these self-employed lost out on.

One of my friend comes from the treasury departments belonging to the local banking institution here, while the other friend of mine comes from the gold
, other precious metals and commodities trading department from a local firm. While these two of my friends became acquainted here, they began non-stop on trading on stocks, shares and other investments which did not sound anything to me. I guess probably its the profession that they are in and hence its a good conversation material for them. For me, i'm trying to learn up on gold, silver and other precious metals investment portfolios and Monex Deposit Company mades a good partner to be with while their consultants are experts in these fields. With more than 40 solid years of foundation and has been America's trusted name, I will depend and seek them out if i am you, wait no more, seek them out today!

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