Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Earning womens money

Do you know how to earn a woman's money or the trick to earn woman's money? I saw this TV Variety Show which telecasts every Tuesday in my country's local television programme, where this group of local artiste goes to promote their wares, hoping to sell it to their future customers. There are two groups competing with each other and the group that sells most of their wares will win in the programme. Each episode, there will be four local artiste competing in this game programme and its quite fun just watching them trying their ways and means to market their wares, drawing the intended crowds to visit their shop outlets and many more other gimmicks like free flow of drinks, free souvenirs etc...This time, both group are competing in drawing the most women crowd to patronise their shop doing pedicure and manicure services.

This pedicure and manicure services are very popular with women these days as they could be made quite pretty with the proper equipments, different colours or mini artistic accessories can be added onto their nails as well. I thought this idea is not a bad idea coz it can help attract lots of women customers to patronise but the idea is that i will do up a online store with their help of Ashop Commerce which specialises in online shopping cart software. Women do not need to come down to physical store, just book with us online and i will send a pedi and manicure lady to her office, home to pamper her, now hows that for a earning women's money idea?

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