Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My friends truck

I have a friend whom just left for states just a few days ago. She has this truck that she has been driving for some time which was quite cool and really suits her needs as well. While her two nephews from states were here to visit her, she played host for them in Singapore and i guess that both kid really enjoyed their stay in Singapore here with her. There was a trip where she brought them to the beach and the boys really like this outing. They had a really good time and enjoyed themselves tremendously with all the swimming and playing in the sand. Lucky her, she was driving this truck if not all the sand and salt water bringing back to the car would have spoilt the inside of it. And so, with a truck, she doesn't really mind the boys coming into the truck with their sandy and salty feets. While surfing the website, i notice this site at, where they have lots of truck accessories and thistruck bed liner will be a good item on offer to purchase first. With its STK Line-A-Bed Bedliners, it delivers Superior Bed Protection with skid resistant technology,ideal for the boys if they want to sit on the back of the truck while she drives and of course with a adult supervision onboard the back of the truck. I think that will be a good idea for her truck and i will introduce this site to her when she comes back from states.

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