Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gold Urn!

Ever since starting this travel company, my boss has been starting to get superstitious. He will believe in anything that is in this world to help him gather the force of Yin and Yang which will help him to manage his travel company and perhaps bring in more luck and money (in terms of more customers booking with us). In other words, he is much into fengshui these days and will try to buy objects to turn his money making business into a success in this travel industry.

The day has come for him to made a decision of whether to buy this gold urn which is from the country of Taiwan. Its rather heavy which needs at least 4 person to man handle the golden urn which was placed strategically in the door way of our office entrance. Since then, whenever anyone enters into the corporate office, visitors will see this golden urn right in front of them in whichever direction that you wish to take. I guess this must be his fengshui master's bidding to put it there to gather the energy force of making more money for him. Lets hope so...

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